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Apr 22

We went early as we were due at a concert at 8:00, so we arrived at the lounge around 6:00 p.m. There was one other table, and two people at the bar. We had to wait for the hostess, eventually the bartender went off to find her. After a few minutes she came out and sat us at a table near the front windows. Wife sat on a booth bench next to the wall with pillows and was very comfy. Waitress tried to pour water then realized table was only half set. She related the story of their previous night didn’t end until 5:00 a.m. today and at that point probably didn’t care what the tables looked like.

We ordered a couple of drinks. Karen ordered a cosmopolitan and I ordered vodka straight with a twist of lime. Drinks came and we tried to order the shrimp spring rolls for an appetizer and she said they were out. Then said wait a minute, turned her head and shouted across the floor “Hey (forget the name) do we have shrimp spring rolls” he shouted back, “no”. Again, she turned to us and said, “no we don’t have those”. I realize I do look older, but do I really look old enough I could not hear the shouting match that just took place? I hope not. So we moved on and ordered the crispy spicy tuna and Hawaiian roll. We then sat and sipped our drinks. Karen was very happy with the taste of hers, but did say it was a bit weak. My vodka straight tasted like water. Now I am generally not an impatient man. I understand it takes time to make food. Looking around there were still only three other people in the restaurant, it took upwards of thirty minutes to get our sushi. I get faster service in an overbooked Vegas sushi bar.

When she finally showed up our first sushi order, we placed our drink and second sushi order figuring time might become an issue. This time I ordered a straight Vodka martini with a lime, Karen stayed with the cosmo as it seemed to hit the spot. Crispy tuna roll was very good. Crispy fried cut and presented in a tall martini glass, definitely our favorite sushi of the night. The Hawaiian roll was ok, but way too big to eat in one bite and way too messy to eat less then the entire piece. My wife did not like the large gob of tuna ‘paste’ on the top. I did not find it repulsive, but did not think the paste added much.

My wife wanted something for dessert. She looked at the menu and did not see anything, but asked the waitress if there was anything else. We were informed these were new menus and they didn’t have what was listed on there anyway. They and mocha ice cream and that is it. Much to her credit she came back later and said she could go look at Mallorca next door if we wanted her too. Next came the most rambling non-coherent description of a dessert tray I have ever heard. My wife heard tiramisu and was hooked. I ordered the #1, which was described as cheesecake like with various berries including blue berries, raspberries and maybe strawberries. Oh, and I would like a cup of coffee to go with dessert.

Dessert came, tiramisu was excellent. My ‘cheesecake’ was really a short torte cake with just a blueberry sauce. It was very good, but not what was described. My coffee came just as I finished my dessert.


I understand it was slow, and I get that the previous night was long, but service could have been better. Overall, we thought the sushi was good, but not outstanding. Drinks were tasty, but not sure they had alcohol in them. As a quick side note; the straight vodka with lime which tasted like straight water was more expensive then the martini, stick with the mixed drinks in our opinion. Price was not expensive overall and we did have a good time relaxing even with the idiosyncrasies.

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